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Pricing and Payment

The price of your Cure Veda Clinic package will depend on the medicines prescribed for your condition. We usually send two-months’ supply of medicines.

The following are two different ways you can make your payments. Please choose the one, which is most convenient to you. In order to ensure the quick delivery of your products, we dispatch your orders immediately, on receiving your payment details.

Due to limitations of technology and different banking rules, receiving money in India is not as instant as in the West.

1. T/T (telephonic/telex transfer)
It takes about 2-3 days for the money to be credited to our account by this method. As soon as we receive notice of the TT, we dispatch your products.

2. Western Union Money Transfer:
If you have a Western Union office nearby, please make payable to Dr. Neeraj Singh Inform us of the transfer code by e-mail at


What is cure Veda clinic?"Cure Veda" is the treatment and Cure with Ayurveda.