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Dr. Neeraj Singh

Dr. Neeraj is an Ayurvedic Physician. He has done his BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicines & Surgery) from renowned Delhi University (India) in the year 1997.Cure Veda Clinic came into existence in 1999 and Dr. Neeraj Singh started treating patients with herbal medicines.

This remedies based on medicinal plants, often have minimal adverse effects and the relatively high cost of synthetic medicines in developing countries often makes traditional herbal medicines an affordable choice.


Dr. I.P. Sharma

Dr. I.P. Sharma is also an Ayurvedic Physician. Dr. I.P. Sharma is a gold medallist from Rohtak University (India), who has a vast experience of 20 years as an Ayurvedic physician.

In an age where people are thinking of using viable alternative indigenous system of medicine will have their right place.

What is cure Veda clinic?"Cure Veda" is the treatment and Cure with Ayurveda.